Monday, September 14, 2020

Jesus Prays for His Followers

Today’s text comes just before Jesus’ arrest, death, and resurrection. Before these culminating events, Jesus takes time to pray. He prays for His followers, and then prays for all those who will believe because of their testimony. That includes us! As you read, remember that you are hearing the very prayers of God Himself – His desire for His people. What does Jesus say in this prayer? What does it say about His desires for you?


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Powerful Prayers of Jesus
by Nancy Gleeson
Jesus is praying for the disciples, not for the world, but for the ones that believed He was sent by God. He prays to the Father to allow us to recognize His glory and His majesty and in response, for each of us to trade everything we have to behold Him. We are drawn to the unbelievable, and in Jesus, we have found something far greater than ourselves!

Yet, Jesus prays that we be protected and sanctified to know the truth and to know He is our greatest treasure! It is only through a disciple's testimony of Jesus that we become a Christian. Unlike other religions, we don’t seek to hear good advice for our life.  We search to hear the good news for our life!  Jesus died for us!  The more we know who Jesus is and what Jesus has done, the more we believe this message from others.

Jesus prays that we each know what it is we need, and for us to know how to get it. Jesus wants us to dwell in the very love God has for Him because God has the same love for us. He freely gives love to us not because we are lovable, but because He sees Jesus when he looks at us. Every person’s deepest desire is to be loved. When we don’t find it, we are tortured. Jesus' love brings us true joy. Jesus knows the glorious outcome fulfilled through His love.

Jesus is praying for his disciples, but He is also praying the deepest desires of His heart for YOU!

MONDAY - MEDICAL PERSONNEL - Pray for our doctors, nurses, and all medical professionals to have strength, wisdom, endurance, and alertness.

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