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The Serpent Becomes an Idol

June 29, 2020

In a fascinating call-back, the bronze serpent shows up again one more time in the Old Testament. After being used by God to deliver the people, the serpent becomes an idol. Study this passage and ask: why would the people begin to worship this snake? Are there things God has used in the past in lmy life that I've turned into an idol? 


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The Serpent becomes an Idol
By Jessica Efird
What happens when you realize that something good in your life has slowly assumed the role of God in your life?   

In the case of today’s Scripture reading, Hezekiah, the King of Judah has the fortitude and wisdom to destroy a bronze snake. This is the same snake that God gave Moses as a good gift to save Israel during their sojourn in the desert; the snake that was a representation of the future work of Jesus. 

The bronze snake, like many good things in our lives, was evidence of God’s provision and saving power. Our modern experiences and symbols are vastly different, but God also gives us good gifts on our spiritual journey to point us to Him. Perhaps He has given you a wise, spiritual mentor or something long prayed for--whatever it is, I bet you can pause and think of something or someone vital to your faith. 

Has this good gift usurped any of God’s role in your life? 

If you are like me, you might be convicted that there are things that sometimes take precedence over the Lord in your daily walk. Perhaps there is a Christian teacher or blogger you really admire or someone you know personally—do you go to them, before the Lord, when you need help, direction or peace?  Or maybe there is something in your life that brings you rich joy—have you begun to seek your joy from this rather than from the Lord? 

Every Good and Perfect Gift is from the Lord, (James 1:17). It is right to give thanks for the people and things in our life that bring us joy and peace, but let us be careful that we praise the name of Jesus for these gifts and seek God first, not others. 

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